Do you really believe you deserve success?

Dec 02, 2020

Everyone wants success in their lives. Whether in business, in love or just with the relationships they have with others.

All of our lives, we want these things and we ask ourselves, "Why can't I get the success I want?", "Is it so difficult and complicated?", "" Why don't people m 'do not help?' ',' 'Why is it only others who succeed?' '

Thinking about these questions, I can tell you that these are the wrong questions you are asking yourself. Instead, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I have to do to be successful?
  2. How can I help myself?
  3. How can I succeed?
  4. What should I do everyday?

You will probably be able to answer these questions with answers such as:

  1. I have to work hard
  2. I need to talk to more people
  3. I need to have more money to invest
  4. The people around me must believe in me
  5. I'm running out of time, money
  6. I don't know how
  7. It may not be for me

 So maybe, again, you're not asking the "right" questions. Ask yourself instead:

Do I believe I can? Do I have a right to success?

I am sure you will answer "YES". But what does your heart tell you? Do you believe it deeply ’

You may want success, but if you don’t believe in it from the bottom, you won’t achieve it.

What really stops you from succeeding? What excuses are you looking for? Do you really think that it is the fault of others if YOU are not successful? Do you really think you don't have time? Are you sure you don't have the money? Why do you say you don't have the skills? ... etc.

Time is relative, don't we have time to watch movies or the like on TV? Don't we have time to spend hours on social media soaking up everything wrong with the world? Don't we have hours of fun texting our friends for all or nothing?

Whenever you find an excuse not to succeed ... how do you really feel?

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